ClearSky Research, Inc.
Helping clients grow brand loyalty and create better products through deeper customer insights.
Growth through Rich Customer Knowledge
Your customers are motivated by deep and not easily articulated emotional needs. We are a qualitative research company that strives to understand your clients' emotional and functional drivers to help you move your business forward.
Our Guiding Principles
Creative Innovation

ClearSky Research, Inc. routinely invents creative techniques to dig deep. We use metaphorical and behavioral science techniques to tap into attitudes and emotions that are generally unexpressed.

We have a unique process for understanding sensory cues—i.e., how sights, sounds, and tactile cues influence customers’ emotional connection to your product in addition to perceptions of quality, reliability, functionality, and appeal.  

Critical Insights

Our deliverables tell a clear story focusing on the deep insights we have captured. Our reports are purposely detailed, so they can be referred to again and again without loss of context. 


We partner with you to truly understand your challenges, enabling us to design the research to move your business ahead. We conduct the range of qualitative studies and customize each study to meet your individual objectives and needs. 


We specialize in in-depth interviews conducted where people live and shop—or at interviewing facilities when appropriate. We also conduct focus groups and use a variety of technologies to reach out research goals. 

Our client list is comprised of Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Kimberly-Clark, Pactiv, Sara Lee, and Nestle. 

We have conducted research on four different continents. 

Hear what Clients have to Say
Insights Manager at Pactiv, LLC
Linda is an expert in conducting market research studies and getting at the consumer/user information that helps to meaningfully direct our business decisions. In addition to being a highly sought after resource, Linda brings a great sense of humor and an element of fun to every project.
R&D Manager at Kimberly-Clark Corporation
Linda consistently goes beyond the norm in terms of delivering quality results for her clients. I believe Linda's strongest talent is her ability to reach beyond the obvious and make a truly strong connection with the consumer. Linda's many years of consumer research experience enables her to reveal absolute breakthrough consumer insights. In addition, Linda is a consummate professional, excellent communicator (with client and consumer) and delivers projects on time and within budget. 
Freelance Designer | Illustrator

I've worked with Linda on several different research projects and each time I'm amazed at her ability to not only listen to the respondents, but also frame questions in a way that consumers clearly understand what they are being asked. She pays attention to detail and is very thorough in providing accurate and comprehensive research reports.

Sr. Research Innovation Leader at Kimberly-Clark

Linda is one of my "go to" service providers for qualitative. She is very professional and a delight to work with. I especially enjoy using Linda when I have something really unique or new and need some suggestions on what we could do to get at the question at hand.

Marketing Research at General Mills, Inc.

Linda is without a doubt one of the top-notch moderators and qualitative consultants I've had the opportunity to work with. Not only is she excellent in the front room with respondents, but she is an excellent partner to work with during the design stages of the project. Whether it's strategic insights or working with difficult clients, she is someone I inherently trust for the job.

Helping build better brands and products has been Linda Binder’s passion for over 30 years. She began her insights career as a brand manager for Ralston-Purina, and has been a qualitative consultant for over 25 years. She started ClearSky Research, Inc. in 2006.   Linda is both a lifelong learner and a leader, participating in AQR (Association for Qualitative Research), QRCA (Qualitative Research Consultants Association), AMA (American Marketing Association) and CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute). She has presented at both QRCA and AMA conferences, and was a co-chair of QRCA’s Chicago Chapter. She regularly conducts client workshops to help team members get the most out of qualitative research. Most recently, she has been delving into the principles of behavioral research and its implication for qualitative techniques.